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Classroom Organization and Management

An organized and managed learning environment is a place where everyone can learn. Boundless Learning gives you a set of protocols that help you provide this kind of environment for your students. One of the key ways you can do this is by using the Team-Based Cycle of Instruction. In addition, though, there are several other protocols that help you ensure that learning time is used efficiently and purposefully:

Twelve to EXCEL – These classroom management strategies always keep the focus on learning; examples include the Zero Noise Signal, which is a simple way to manage transitions and Thumbs Up Thumbs Down, a prompt that asks students to show quickly whether or not they understand a learning concept.

Community Learning Expectations – This set of expectations is identified by the teacher and considered absolutely non-negotiable for everyone in the classroom; examples include arriving to class and all activities on time, keeping team spaces and resources organized and maintaining all Learning Community Standards.

Learning Community Standards – Teachers share these standards at the beginning of the school year and they are all direct, specific and positive; examples include listening actively to understand, engaging with enthusiasm and offering help willingly; students are encouraged to constantly assess how well they adhere to the standards, which builds their ownership of them.

Boundless Learning teachers use the Zero Noise signal to gain the attention of the class. Zero Noise promotes smooth transitions during the lesson minimizing lost instructional time.

Students use Thumbs Up/Down throughout the instructional cycle to provide teachers with immediate feedback related to readiness and understanding.

Learning Community Standards guide the learning community in all aspect of working together: whether as a large group, team, partnership, or a contributing individual.