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Digital Portfolio

The JHU Digital Portfolio is a versatile online tool that has two distinct applications, one for students and one for educators.

Students – The JHU Digital Portfolio supports all students as they prepare for transitioning to post-secondary life and can be especially useful for students with disabilities; it outlines pathways for students to develop competencies and also to engage in feedback discussions; perhaps most importantly, it gives students a single place where they can showcase their achievements and skills to both potential employees and institutes of higher education – resumes, videos, transcripts and more can be part of a student’s unique Digital Portfolio.

Educators – The JHU TAP-IT Digital Portfolio helps district and school leadership teams to streamline how they organize resources and data and gives them a common space to work and communicate together. It is built on the TAP-IT Data Informed Decision Making Process [link back to Data Informed Decision Making], and gives teams a convenient way to discover problems, collect data and create goals based on their analysis of that data; it’s also easily adaptable when there are changes in district programs, systems or interventions.

A versatile online tool for students and educators.

“The digital portfolio is a wonderful tool which students, teachers and families can use to navigate information related to college, career and community readiness. The quick access to career interests, personal and professional attributes, school transcript and exemplar work was extremely useful for our exiting seniors for which we piloted the project. It was awesome!”— Penny Lynch, Carroll County Public Schools