About Boundless Learning

Our Story

The Early Days

What would become Boundless Learning began over thirty years ago as something called the Cooperative Collaboration Process. Here the foundational principles of cooperative learning were applied within co-taught secondary school general education classes which included students with disabilities. The Cooperative Collaboration Process was a success, fostering strong partnerships between special and general educators and producing high rates of proficiency among students with disabilities. The Maryland State Department of Education took note and celebrated it as an exemplary practice of inclusion.

The Program Evolves

As 21st century themes of collaboration, communication and technology loomed ever more important, CTE was there to address these concepts in an enhanced version of the Cooperative Collaboration Process, now renamed Team Tech for Learning. Once again, this work produced successful outcomes for students across Maryland, including among students with disabilities.

Recent Times and the Present Day

Building on the successes of Team Tech for Learning, CTE secured a federal grant, known as Boundless Learning, in the year 2000 to continue development and implementation of these effective inclusionary practices. CTE continued to enhance Boundless Learning with new understandings of High Performance Teaming, technology and explicit protocols to help general and special educators become ever more effective.

Today Boundless Learning helps educators establish and implement 21st century, inclusive, team-based learning communities that advance performance and achievement among all students, including those with disabilities.