PD Quests

PD Quests transform the traditional delivery of professional development for educators into a rich and engaging interactive experience. This pioneering approach combines the use of online technologies and evidence-based instructional strategies to provide rich, high quality professional development. PD Quests guide you through a defined, interactive process that includes protocols for developing knowledge and acquiring specific skills related to teaching, leading, and other content areas.

There are three primary components of PD Quests:

Online Learning Events – These combine various multimedia tools, including podcasts, video, polling and Web 2.0 tools, and follow the Team-Based Cycle of Instruction; they also contain protocols to guide you as you work in professional partnerships or teams and promote effective goal setting, accountability and continuous improvement.

Online-Professional Learning Communities – These are facilitated by CTE with feedback and support; they include community tools like blogs, calendars, wikis and collaborative spaces.

PD Boosters – To enhance your learning with just-in-time supports and enrichment, multimedia presentations as well as learning extensions.

Transform the traditional delivery of professional development.