Tech Tools

Snapshot Data Tool

The Snapshot Data Tool gives teachers a practical way to collect formative assessment results and track student progress routinely. It allows teachers to input performance data quickly and conveniently (on a tablet or other mobile device) and utilizes easy-to-read graphic displays so teachers can make informed decisions related to learning groups, differentiation, technology resources and instructional needs of all students.

Collect formative assessment results easily.

“Once again Boundless Learning has outdone itself with the Snapshot Data Tool…When I met with our co-teachers last week and they showed me the work they had done on the Snapshot Data Tool, they could not stop praising the value of this within their classroom. When I looked at the individual student names, I immediately saw the benefit of having a tool such as this to help guide instruction for interventions within the classroom. The co-teaching team had used one piece of data and planned out specific interventions for certain students within the class. This will certainly go hand in hand with them being able to demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness within the classroom and to plan coherent instruction.”— Gail Shrum, Assistant Principal, Park Avenue Elementary School Stuttgart School District, Arkansas