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Technology Integration: Instructional, Assistive and Online Resources

Technology is integral to Boundless Learning, both for you and for your students.

Teachers are encouraged to infuse technology-rich resources into the TBCI to increase engagement and to help students grasp more complex concepts quickly. That might include taking advantage of a one-to-one device program or simply utilizing a computer and LCD projector or mobile lab effectively.  Teachers are encouraged to use technology for whole class instruction, small group instruction, team learning and center-based work.  If students have individual devices like tablets or laptops, you are encouraged to put assignments, surveys and other information on the devices and have students do research on them.

Technology Integration in Boundless Learning includes:

Instructional Technology – A wide range of technology from tablets and apps to our Team Quests all of which can assist in teaching concepts

Assistive Technology – Technology that helps students with disabilities to access the curriculum

Online Communities and Resources – Technology used to assist you and your students when researching topics, working in teams and communicating with each other and your peer